Lodi Services is proud to introduce our photovoltaic (solar) division, featuring green power inverters and evergreen solar panels.

Clean, solar power from the sun is now simple, efficient and affordable for homeowners and businesses almost anywhere. Utility grid-tie systems provide silent and effortless electricity. Battery backup systems can provide power to rural environments or during outages. All of our systems help you beat global warming and reduce your dependence on less secure, polluting forms of energy. Let the sun power your life.

Cash Rebates and Tax Credits through The California Solar Initiative 

These rebates and tax credits will discount the cost of your solar photovoltaic electric system as much as 50%!!  That’s not including the elimination of your electricity bill every month!

Benefits of Feature

  • Top-rated, certified quality design & installation
  • 10 year warranty on our modules and inverters
  • Highest quality photovoltaic modules and equipment
  • Flexibility to meet every installation environment
  • Highest performance inverters to optimize the system operation and reliability
  • 100% Long term financing available. *OAC

If you have any questions or are interested in going solar, give us a call!