Cooling – Lodi, CA

It is not secret that Lodi, CA and Stockton, CA are home to heat during the summer months and we all know how uncomfortable it can be to have an air conditioning problem once temperatures reach the 90’s and above. When you call Lodi Services Heat & Cooling Inc. our client services representatives will work with your to determine how we can assist you; from there our dispatch team will work closely with you to get the right technician out to your home in a timely manner. Lodi Services Heat & Cooling Inc. is committed to providing Fast, Efficient, and Accurate Service. Our goal is to exceed your expectations earing your business for years to come. Below you will find more information on the air conditioning services that we provide. Please give us a call (209) 368-2665 or (209) 367-4328. We look forward to working with you.

When your home Air Conditioner is in need of repair, Lodi Services Heat & Cooling Inc. is here to help. Some of the symptoms of an air conditioner that may need repair can be, ice forming on the coil, mildew smell when you turn on the air, the compressor kicks on and off or maybe it’s just not cooling properly. Our professionally trained, certified service technicians will educate you as the diagnose the problem empowering you to get to know your Air Conditioner as we do. Air conditioning repairs are covered by our 100% guarantee.

An air conditioning unit is much like a car in the sense that it needs to be serviced in order to perform up to code and product specifications. Not servicing your air conditioner on a regular basis can result in ongoing problems that can cost more than the price of the unit itself. Routine servicing of your air conditioning unit can be done twice a year.

When your air conditioner has reached the end of its life and you are ready to replace your system with a new high efficiency model, let us help you. Lodi Services comfort advisor will work with you to custom design the right system to fit your home, budget and your energy needs. We will educate you in the process giving you the knowledge and tools to make the right decisions for your family’s comfort. Lodi Services offers the industry’s best financing options and can assist you in cashing in on rebates available to you while reducing your energy bills. We will have you in a cooler, more comfortable and more energy efficient home in no time.

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